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Video producers are among the first credited in video projects, through you though you never see them on stage collecting awards are making headlines.  A video producer’s role is to manage the pre-production, production, in post production process of a video. This means that they are responsible for the planning, the scheduling, and the editing of the production down to the delivery of the final video.

The producer’s role varies whether it’s staffing a production crew, setting a budget, writing scripts, leading communications, leading in the creative direction, or guiding the editing process.

Video production is a creative and interpersonal job necessary for every video project whether it’s corporate videos or a podcast.


We have created and managed my types of podcasts and video series podcasting.  From personal coaching, real estate, financial services and current events.

Having a remote producer reduces the stress level of the host and guests.  The details matter, and everything is handles!


Satisfied Customers

The video skills training I received from CMS made all the difference for me.  They produced 52 coaching videos in preparation for a new weekly podcast that CMS will also produce.  Whether you are already a seasoned on-camera professional or just getting started, I can’t say enough great things about the CMS team.

Robert Holdford

Life Coach and Author, LIFEonomics

The decision to work with CMS was without question the right one for us.  They helped turn our concept of helping people with our mobile app into a reality.  This critical decision had a major impact on our success. 

CMS is a company that truly partnered with us and they took on our project as their own. They did an amazing job explaining the roadmap and how we were going to get there.  They always explained the pros and cons of each option presented and provided their suggestions based on their team’s combined experience and expertise, which is extensive. 

We will continue to use CMS for all of our marketing and videography.  We would not have been successful in getting our mobile app in the hands of those who need it without them.  The passion and dedication of the CMS team are truly exceptional. We are forever grateful to the CMS team!

Joy Lewis

Founder, LightBridge, Inc.

The professionalism, coaching, and marketing guidance received from the CMS team are second to none.  To take the vision I had for my podcast and help turn it into something tangible that I can truly be proud of has been invaluable to me. 

When I first began talking through my ideas with the CMS team, I was feeling overwhelmed by the idea of actually having the time to pull off a weekly podcast.  Their process, back-end help, and expertise even in dealing with compliance in the financial services industry have made this a delightful and attainable project. 

I look forward to continuing in being able to deliver relevant, informative, and entertaining content to all who view my content with the help of CMS.

Kate Frank

President, IPFS, Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions are creative acts of intelligence. – Francis Kingdon Ward

How much does having a Producer cost?

It is challenging to say upfront. Every production is different, and so many other variables are at play. Sitting down and ironing out the details and scope of a project is essential before correctly quoting a project.

How long will it take to produce?

It comes down to the type of content that is produced. An on-location or multiple-location shoot may require a large crew. We do not bid on this type of production. CMS is a content-driven firm. Our specialty is story-telling with a limited crew to be quicker and more nimble.  However, something like a podcast interview or a green screen studio video with a teleprompter can yield much more content in a much shorter time.

Can we negotiate a bulk rate deal with this large amount of video work?

The short answer is ‘Yes’. However, it is subjective, but a good producer should always work with his or her client on budget and timelines. If a client decides to move forward with a production company with a lot of work in tow, then it would serve them both to work with each other to come to the best arrangement.

Have you worked with anyone famous?

The answer to almost any production person in the world is yes. At first, it’s exhilarating but ultimately loses its luster fairly quickly. While it’s evident to most they are people just like anyone else; there is still that feeling you get seeing someone you’ve only ever watched through a screen. From Nobel prize winners to industry icons and celebrities, the job is about storytelling.

Can we track your progress?

Absolutely!  We use multiple online management tools that allow our clients to interact and track our progress.

When will then be now?


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