Getting Social

We have found that many businesses and business owners lose more energy over social media than any other traditional marketing medium.  Perhaps it’s the immediacy of social media or the demands of ongoing content.  One size does not fit all in social media!  A plan and strategy are required.

Social media is the ultimate equalizer. It gives a voice and a platform to anyone willing to engage.

Engage Your Clients

Social Media, LinkedIn

What does your LinkedIn profile say about you?  Is your profile an online resume’?  In other words, it may appear that you’re looking for a job.  Worse yet, you don’t care how you’re perceived.  Become a resource for connections and potential connections.

Twitter without a doubt is the most underutilized and misunderstood social media platform.  Many simply don’t understand the power of Twitter.  It also requires a strategy that is almost certainly more dynamic than Facebook or LinkedIn.  Why?  The potential of other users to say something positive or negative about you and your business.

Facebook can be used in many different ways.  Is it about your company, people, charity or encompassing of all of these?  Are you broadcasting the same message on all platforms, or should each have its own message?

We can also help with other social media platforms.

pinterest-logo googlepluslogo youtube-logo-transparent-square Instagram-Icon and more…

The Process

 The onboarding of a client is essential to building a long-term relationship.

Develop a Social Strategy ~ We can help you determine your particular needs, opportunities, and action plan necessary to meet your social objectives.

  • How much to budget?
  • Social Profiles and Brand Integrity?
  • What audience?
  • Frequency?
  • Types of original content?
  • Engagement?

 Implementation ~ We can guide you or execute on all or part of your social strategies.  Our Social packages include video and video hosting.

  • Create a social calendar
  • Integrate video
  • Create content & posts
  • Custom Ads
  • Ad management

 Reporting & Analsys ~ We’ll help you find the right Social Platform that provides the right reports and metrics you need to measure your sucess.