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Founded in 2003, Creative Marketing Solutions, Inc. is a marketing, training, and consulting firm that provides branding, messaging, and directional planning services for the public and private sector. We get involved at every level of your sales process; the engine that drives your organization.

Decide what you want, decide what you’re willing to exchange for it. Establish your priorities and go to work.

Why choose our Company?

Steve Biermann is a professional speaker

At our core, we are sales and marketing consultants.  We live in the sales process!  Purposeful content builds relationships and creates a dialog.  How is your business delivering to clients and prospects?  What impressions are you making with your marketing, people, and services?  Stand out and build personality with all your marketing.

Media Skills2

We’re passionate about media skills coaching.  Professionals spend years in school, with industry licenses  and continuing education.  Yet we’re rarely trained on how to be effective on camera or in front of an audience.


An abundance of creative energy to drive your content marketing.  Social Media, video, and online strategies are new frontiers for business and their marketing plans.  We want to help!

Our Clients Say

 I engaged CMS on numerous occasions to build out video and social media content for my own business development.

CMS’s extensive knowledge of and experience in the financial services industry prepared me to have the highest impact possible using new media to reach my ideal clients.

Anyone can shoot videos and post them online. But CMS’s guidance helped me create content and media that resonated with my audience and offered clear value.

If you are considering the use of video, social, and online content for the growth of your business, I recommend you speak with CMS and explore the ways you can work together.

– Bill Winterberg – Founder of FP Pad

“I went into this process with the goal of making me “not bad”!   I am thrilled that you have helped me not only calm my excessive nervousness but that I am able to actually connect with my audience.  At my last presentation, I had someone come up afterward and tell me how powerful my presentation was!”

– Tina Kucera – Certified Health Coach

Steve commands the ability and perspective to design strategies and business plans like no insurance executive that I have ever had the privilege to work with. His keen sense of determining and evaluating his clients strengths enable him to set up a powerful plan of training, motivation, presentation and distribution which becomes a win-win for all involved.

– David Frank – RMD at a National Mutual Insurance Co.


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